Migrating from Syndicate

We understand that Syndicate left you hanging, we want to make sure you are taken care of. That's why we created Syndicopy where you can mint and burn according to Syndicates' instructions posted just before they went dark.

If you would like to move to a token that you can manage without needing a website, Jubi has you covered.

The Jubi Token Template

We've created a token factory that you can use to mint a token with all the latest features for managing your venture:

You can manage your token directly from the Jubi dApp or from a block explorer.

Jubi does not retain any rights or control over your token once it's minted.

Verified Contracts

Minting a token

Easy, just head to our Create a Token page and connect your wallet. We currently support Ethereum and Polygon.

If you would like to test-drive the contracts first, feel free to head to our website for Testnet instructions - just be warned, it is our testnet, so we are regularly making changes, but it gives you a risk free way to evaluate the functionality.

Completing the form

Name and Symbol/Ticker

Set the name and symbol/ticker for your token. These two fields are immutable, so make sure you pick a good one, it's for life! You can of course use the same name and symbol/ticker for your token as you had for your investment club, just make sure you remember which one is the new one!


If the wallet you connected with is the intended owner of the token, just use it for the owner address. Alternatively, you have the option to set a different owner for the token. This is great if you have a hot wallet with gas money, but would like the token to be controlled from a multi-sig wallet.

Grant addition minting rights

Flip the switch to grant minting rights to wallets other than the owner.

If you set the owner to an account other than the one you connected to the dApp, and want to use that wallet as a hot wallet with minting rights, make sure to add that wallet.

The owner account can add and remove minters after minting by using the management page.

Hit the button!

You will be interacting with our Token Creator contract, which is an upgradeable proxy contract, but we do verify our contracts, so you can inspect the code you are interacting with.

Once you've approved the gas and minted the token, you will be given the link to the token management page for your token, as well as a block-explorer link. We recommend you save them both.

Migrating Token Holders

You've got a new token, now you need to mint tokens to all the current token holders of your investment club. We've made it fairly simple to do so, just follow the steps below:

Get a list of token holders

To bulk-mint you will need a comma separated list of addresses and amounts. If you prefer, you can create this using a spreadsheet using the first column for addresses, and the second for amounts. Download it as a csv and you are ready to go.

Luckily, you can get the current list of addresses and amounts from the block-explorer page of your investment club token. Go to Etherscan or Polygonscan, and put your token address in the search box.

You may end up at the smart contract address page, if so, navigate to the token tracker page for your token.

This will display a list of your token holders.

Save that and keep it for the next step.

Un-Pause your token

Bulk-minting is done through the Jubi contract factory. When your token is minted, it is defaulted to being paused. This means that only the owner can mint or burn tokens, and you wil have to un-pause the token to bulk-mint.

Select Un-Pause from the Token Action drop-down, agree to the terms for using the Jubi interface, hit submit, and approve the gas.


Select Bulk-Mint from the Token Action drop-down.

Click on the "Choose file" button, and select the csv that you downloaded from your token page.

After selecting the file, agreeing to the Jubi terms, and clicking submit, you will be guided through 3 steps:

1/3 Make Jubi's Factory a Minter

Since Jubi does not retain any rights to your token contract, you will have to grant it minting rights in order to use the factory function to bulk mint. You will be revoking these rights in the 3rd step.

2/3 Bulk Mint

This calls the bulk mint function with the addresses and numbers you provided. This may require a reasonable amount of gas depending on how many addresses you are minting to.

3/3 Remove Jubi Factory's minting rights

This step is not compulsary, so if you want to save a little bit of gas, you can reject the transaction, and leave the Jubi factory a minter. This is a good idea if you intend to do frequent bulk minting. If you are just doing an initial bulk mint, we recommend removing the minting rights to minimise the attack vector on your token.


Your new token has been created and all the token-holders from your previous token now have the same ownership of your new token.

Following the block explorer link will take you to the token page for your token, where you can inspect the transaction and the breakdown of ownership. Please note that the block-explorer may take a minute or two to catch up with the chain, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show immediately. The transactions should be reflected in the transfers section. Each mint will be reflected individually since its the factory contract that will reflect the single transaction.

If you would like to create a private sale of tokens, be sure to check out our token allocation tool. Start by creating a venture from our Venture Dashboard

We want to support you in managing your venture with tokens, so if you would like to discuss additional features or company registration with us, please contact us or join our Telegram

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