Creating a Venture

Your Jubi journey starts at the Venture Dashboard, or if you are on your journey already, you will see a list of the ventures and tokens that you have admin rights to.

To manage your company equity with future or an existing token, you will have to start by creating a venture smart contract.

A Jubi venture will account for the overall future token supply if you are pre-token, as well as store the access control list for all the token allocations you create through Jubi.

Don’t be scared off by the word “Venture”, you can take it to mean company or project too. If you are managing an organisation with tokens to account for ownership, then venture refers to you.

If you would like to use our factory to mint a token, click on “Create Token”, otherwise, lets get started by clicking “Create Venture”.

Completing the form

Venture Name

This is the name of your company/venture/project.

We recommend your registered company is used here as you will be signing contracts on behalf of the venture.

These details can not be changed later.

Jubi is designed to work well within a registered company structure.

If you need assistance setting up your company structure, Jubi can help - visit our Company registrations page for more details.

Venture Site

This is the link to your website. It will be displayed on token sale pages, and will be presented as the link where people can find more information on the venture and sales.

Token Supply

If you are pre-token, you can use the venture contract to keep track of your token supply until you mint one. Use the intended token supply at public launch of your token.

This will be used for valuation calculations when you create a token pre-sale, and is an important figure for investors and others when purchasing tokens prior to minting or public launch.

Venture Wallet

The intended owner and admin of all the contracts created through Jubi.

Any funds raised will be transferred to this address.

Best practice would be to use your multi-sig for this.

You do not have to use the multisig to set up these contracts, and we will also grant admin rights to the hot-wallet that you connect with.


This one line description of your venture will also be displayed on token sale pages.

The URL to your venture logo. Even though this cannot be changed, using a URL allows you to change the logo at the location. This logo will be displayed on all pages, whether admin or token sale pages.

Create Venture

Now that all the details are filled in, connect your wallet if you haven’t already, and click “Create Venture”.

You will be asked to approve the gas for creating the smart contracts in your connected wallet.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be presented with a link to your venture home page, and a link to the block-explorer page for the smart contract.

Your venture homepage will show the current treasury token balance of the venture wallet address, the token supply that you set, as well as the total amount of tokens that have been assigned to allocators.

Allocators can be sales(tokens allocated for sale), or manual token allocations including options to purchase (typically used for ESOPs).

There will also be a list of Allocators that you have created.

You can use the action drop-down to create new token allocations.

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